Banafa for Oud is a market leader in the manufacture of unique aromatic scents with a touch of luxury. It specializes in producing the best selections of oud, incense, cosmetics, essential oils, Arab and European perfumes, and we have several branches for wholesale and retail sales in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Yemen, and Bahrain.
Banafa for Oud was established in 1987, and we have factories in Jeddah, and
Bahrain, designed with the latest international standards for manufacturing and production.


Our vision

We believe that perfumes and fine scents are an essential element in human life and our vision is to be a leading and distinct company in providing the unique and distinctive scents that express the unique nature of each person, which is part of our culture and heritage.
“There is no elegance without perfume. It is an essential part that cannot be ignored or forgotten.”
We work harmoniously between individuals and the organization wonderfully to produce wonderful aromatic scents that transform people’s desires into real quality products.


Our Message

At Banafa for Oud Company, we offer the most unique and unique fragrances of unparalleled quality, which enhances our Arab culture and heritage and represents a special identity for each person and adds a special touch to his style.


Our products:

On every occasion, we will offer you a distinct and varied range of our products:
  • Incense
  • Arabic perfumes
  • Mattress Freshener.
  • Home freshener.
  • European perfumes.
  • Beauty Tools.

Our branches:

  • Jeddah
  • Riyadh
  • Dammam
  • Yemen
  • Bahrain
  • Dubai